We create experiences that develops businesses from identity to online visibility.™

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We create experiences that develops businesses, from identity to online visibility.™

At TouchOfBranding our talented designers will work with you to develop a brand which reflects your business, what you offer and the values you and your team hold. A company's branding is often the first thing customers see so it needs to tell them who your business is and what you do to make a lasting impression. Whether you require an identity for a new company or you're looking to refresh your existing branding, TouchOfBranding 's unique flexible and creative approach means your branding will be as unique as your business.

Your brand is shining now what? Our goal is to bring your developed brand within the top 10 for keywords searches and help make your business profitable and prevalent by utilizing the power of SEO, SMO, and Internet Marketing. For more information please contact general@sales@touchofbranding.com or take a look at our packages to complete your brand tranformation.

Branding Solutions
Engage Your Audience

We believe that branding is not marketing. Branding is more about business design and the creation of a platform from which marketing can do its work. Branding sets the stage for being meaningful, exclusive, and memorable. Here at TouchOfBranding we thrive to build beautiful, incredible branding packages quickly and cost-efficiently.

Search Engine/Social Media Optimization

To reach target consumers, one needs a well paved way through which to become known to users. At TouchOfBranding we provide Search Engine/Social Media Optimization packages and services to make your business reach each and every prospective and potential customer of your field.

Website Construction
Static/Ecommerce Solutions

Professional quality website design is absolutely integral to the legitimacy and effectiveness of your online presence. Our website designers boast technical know–how as well as marketing expertise, giving them plenty of experience in designing attractive, customized websites while keeping your business interests in mind.

Digital/Printing Creation
Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

TouchofBranding is confident that we can offer the print and design solutions for you. From business cards to art catalogues, print on demand to harmonized design and marketing strategies, we can take both large and small print jobs from start to finish efficiently and cost effectively.

Email Marketing Solutions
Amplify Your Digital Presence

TouchofBranding offers permission-based email solutions that combine creativity, strategic insight, and innovative technology. Available from both a self-service and full-service basis our email solutions help our clients build, grow and deliver their email marketing programs with superior technology, support and a positive return on their marketing investments.

Data & Analytics Solutions
Understand Your Traffic

Marketers today have access to more information than ever before, but what do you do with all of that data? The term ‘Big Data’ is thrown around a lot, but what does it mean and how can it help you? Let Vigorate show you how! We will analyze and interpret your data to understand it and make clear recommendations on reaching each segment of your customer base with meaningful messaging.

TouchOfBranding has expertise.
Create a digital presence.

TouchOfBranding provides a robust portfolio of brand strategy/architecture, naming, research, and design services. Wherever your product is in its lifecycle, TouchOfBranding offers tailored, cutting-edge identity solutions ensuring creativity, trademark risk awareness, and resonant design execution. Whether your product is new to the market, or repositioned to reach a new market we provide our clients with the expertise and execution to give your brand a competitive advantage.



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Our Team with Big Ideas

Interdisciplinary teams with big ideas. We offer a suite of tailored products and services.

Cody Driscoll
Global Leader

Mr. Driscoll has 10 years of brand management experience including working with Cisco, PepsiCo, Second Cup, Remax and Cedarlane.

Kevin O'brien
Web Developer

Mr. O'brien has a BA in computer science at York University, he has work with industry leader's like Cisco, and Roger's.

Melissa Simeone
Sales/Product Development

Ms. Simeone holds a B.S. in Biology/Chemistry (pre-med) from St. Joseph's College, and is very diverse in everything branding.

The Top 5 Benefits
Of Rebranding

  1. You will have a platform to establish a leadership position in your category and more importantly create alignment inside your company. It's another chance to get things right.
  2. Your vision, purpose and core values get reflected into your new brand identity that you and your team are immensely proud of.
  3. You will attract the right talent to your company.
  4. Your brand architecture (the relationship between your company, divisions, product/service categories and products/services) is planned out so it makes sense now and in the future.
  5. You get a brand standards guide to make sure your brand is consistent across all forms of communication – a key ingredient to managing a strong brand.


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A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch.

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Wide range of successful digital and print projects.

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You will get so much more than what you went in for, and them
I would recommend in a heartbeat

Rosemary Gallagher - Remax

This is now the third time I've worked with TouchOfBranding and the service they
provide is amazing.
Thank you guys!

Mike Fricker - Second Cup

I love TouchOfBranding . Absolutely amazing results and experience creating my website.
An environment where you interact with
incredible talent!

John Jackson - Cedarlane

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How much does branding cost?
We specialize in branding start-up to large corporation companies that have become frustrated with their brand

75% of our projects range from $15,500 to $22,500. The biggest variable affecting the price is the scope of the work that iWebect is responsible for. Research can add a significant bump to the price as can the creation of deliverables. The bottom line is that the rebranding process must be viewed as an investment — it’s the design of your company. Compared to the cost of implementation, designing the brand is a bargain.

Although we typically only work with companies that have their funding in place, more and more we are being called upon to create the brand in the pre-funding stage to help secure the financing. A great visual brand story with great leadership and execution is much easier to fund than just a business plan and a smile.


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